Me Against the World

What do you do when it seems like the whole world is against you?

When it seems like God is out to get you?

When it seems like no matter what you do, you just don’t measure up.

Doesn’t matter the effort you put in, it’s just not good enough.

Every turn you make, it’s a dead end.

A wall so high and strong, that you can’t climb over it or break through it.

When it seems like everyone else is doing great, but you’re so lost.

Everyone is thriving and you’re drowning deeper.

That life somehow wasn’t meant for you but there’s no way to escape it either.

That you were made to be the benchmark for people to say “at least I’m not like that person”.

The world’s punching bag.

When you try to be positive but reality offers only the negative.

You’ve tried to hold on to hope for so long that you don’t recall its meaning anymore.

You’ve cried out to God, but He is no where to be found.

When it hurts so much knowing that you’re in this alone.

No one else understands your mind, your heart, your soul.

When frustration and pain becomes your only song.

You beg God to take you away from this dimension, but He’s not relenting.

As if He made a joke and He’s not done laughing yet.

You wake up one day, put your chin up and walk with confidence.

Only to have that weak wall you built come down as fast as you imagined it.

Knowing that the world sees through you and will never accept you.

Survival of the fittest, you are the first one to be eaten alive or left to rot.

Why is it that life is so easy for some people and so hard for the others.

Some don’t even have to try and they get the world.

Some shed their blood, sweat and tears, and yet, even the dust of the world is not theirs.

When blessings are only reserved for some.

And death for the rest.

What do you do?


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