Ever found yourself having the most impressive thoughts and realize that you have no one to share it with at that moment?

Sharing your thoughts on Facebook is a no-no, because even though everyone is entitled to their opinion, someone is bound to be offended and you don’t want to start WW3 among your friends.

Neither do you want to pull out your journal to write these things because that’s reserved for really deep, dark, twisted, personal things that show signs of psychopathic tendencies (and the effort it takes to write… omg).

And let’s be honest – you already have three hundred and twelve journals each with its own purpose and you don’t want to invest in the 313rd journal dedicated to:

“really awesome 2am philosophical thoughts that keep me awake even though I am dead tired, witty rebuttals to conversations that happened 12 hours ago when I didn’t say a word, motivational topics that could make me the next Tony Robbins, and my true feelings regarding people, best friends, and relatives”.

if one, some, or all (or even none) of the above seem to resonate with you, welcome aboard, human – for that is how we are all connected.


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